About Capacity Building and Training Program

The department of capacity building program is intended to implement several activities including strengthening the skills and capacity learning of volunteers, university students, community organizations and journalists in Puntland and Somalia. The program aims at enhancing the capacity of the staff and members to undertake their various interventions in defense of human rights. Puntland Human Rights Association will deliver training to enable the members to accumulate the required skills and knowledge to
effectively impact on the human rights situation in the country.
PHRA will arrange in-country and out-of-country internships and exchange programs for the staff, volunteers, journalists and women NGOs to facilitate cross-fertilization of experience, knowledge, specialization and replication of best practices to enable them advance the human rights programs in Puntland of Somalia.


Volunteers, staff, community members, women NGO, Human Rights Defenders are empowered with basic knowledge of universal
declaration of human rights, financial management and so on.

Empowered human rights defenders, volunteers, women NGOs and journalists to be aware of their rights and empowered to protect them.

Media groups had capacity and skills to monitor and report human rights violations in the region.