Protection and Legal Aid Program

This department of protection and legal aid is the key result area number two of Puntland Human Rights Association priorities and deals. Also, the department is responsible for implementation of Goal 16 of Sustainable Development which supports peace, ending violence and promotes the rule of law. This department services both ordinary people such as internally displaced people, minority families, disables and also human right defenders as well. The department, therefore, ensures self-protection mechanisms are in place and human rights defenders at risk are protected. It provides legal representation, medical and short term relocation support. As part of self-protection, it provides trainings and devises self-protection mechanisms such as the guidelines on self-protection mechanisms to HRDs. Also this department records human rights violations which then are used to issue Annual Report of Human Rights Situation in Puntland of Somalia.


The main objective of the protection department is to vulnerable people, minority families and people with disabilities status get protection and legal support. 


  • To realize this broad objective, the following are the key outputs of this outcome
  • Prepare resource needed to attain and conduct resource mobilization activities and fundraising events.
  • Legal aid services to the internally displace people, minority families and gender based violence survivors.
  • Referral mechanisms of GBV, HRDs’ survivors or victims of violations are operationalized.
  • Documentation of human rights violations.