PHRA Objectives

  • To monitor the human rights violence, documenting and then report it.
  • To promote democracy education through provision of information and learning experience in order to equip the citizens to participate in democracy processes. 
  • To support human rights cultural, social and political tolerance for all through awareness rising campaigns, mobilization activities on attitude changes. 
  • To encourage respect for the rule of law, justice for all and the independence of the judiciary, 
  • To strength good governance system of Somalia through helping to put in place transparency and accountability system of government with higher contribute of CSOs members.
  • To promote internal discussions among human rights activists, on the work of media and journalists toward contribute to national heal and development

PHRA's Vision and Mission


Society has peace and Respect human rights


The organization strives to ensure that everyone gets protection, provision and participation in Puntland through advocacy, lobbying, education training, capacity.

Our Core Values

  • The promotion of deep respect and appreciation for everyone.
  • Acting in a very responsive, rapid, flexible manner
  • A result-oriented organization, with tangible impact.
  • Acting independently, with creativity, impartiality and integrity.
  • Operating with dedication, professionalism, transparency and accountability.