About Advocacy and Networking program

Human Rights Day (2)

PHRA recognizes the importance of advocacy in the work of human defenders. The core of PHRA’s advocacy initiatives is the need to ensure adherence to international human rights standards in relation to HRDs and their work in Puntland of Somalia; attain favorable policies and legislation for the protection of human rights defenders in Somalia; create visibility amongst the stakeholders and relevant audiences about the concept of human rights and the work and rights of human rights defenders; contribute to the attainment of sustainable development goals especially goals 4, 5 and 16 through encouraging participation by all relevant stakeholders and expand and strengthen the work of human rights defenders through fundraising to support outreach and advocacy efforts and initiatives.

PHRA adopts a partnership leaning approach at the grassroots, provincial, national and international level in order to promote, protect human rights and fundamental freedoms cannot be done by a single person, organization or institution due to many factors involved and the diversity of the concept of human rights.Networks and platforms are created through media engagement and participation by HRDs and strategic stakeholders, regional dialogue meetings to discuss pertinent issues affecting HRDs and their work and annual HRDs’ forums.