Human Rights

We are committed to a diverse, tolerant and democratic society in Somalia .To help us achieve these goals, we teach students about human rights, organize dialogue events and support networks of young people who are committed to peace and democracy in their country

Peace Building

Peace is a fundamental part of human life. Peace in Somalia is fragile. Clan and tribal fight for postural and water for their livestock. Political conflicts and disputes are also common. There is border conflict between Somaliland and Puntland over the ownership of the disputed Sool region of Somalia.
To attain sustainable peace and democracy Puntland Human Rights Association would like to implement core activities for enhancing peace:


Puntland Human Rights Association (PHRA) contributes the participation and enhancement of transparency and accountability elections in Somalia such as presidential and parliamentary elections. Ensuring that inclusive civic
education takes place during the elections, starting from election observation to voter education campaigns, candidate forums, and advocacy for electoral reform. PHRA works closely with community organizations, local councils to receive inclusive social accountability which creates community acceptance and program success. The best approach that PHRA organization uses during the implementation of its program is face-to-face sensitization campaigns to reach more than the target community members. The department would like to implement and participates the following