about Puntland Human Rights Association (PHRA)

Society has peace and respects human rights

Puntland Human Rights Association (PHRA) is an independent, non-governmental, and nonprofit organization based in Somalia. The organization is founded in 2006 by group of Somali educators such as community activists, lawyers and other volunteers to support the worker’s rights, prevention of violence against women, and children .Promoting peace, democracy and human rights freedoms in Somalia.

What we do

Firstly, PHRA is devoted to stand against the all forms of discriminating social and cultural stereotypes which expose individuals to a number of risks in the course of their life. Secondly, our programs include but are not limited to monitor, document and report human rights violations, advocacy and lobbying for civil, political, social and economic rights in Somalia.  Also, building the capacity of young generations, provision of legal aid support to victims. Finally, our programs help mental health, medical treatment to survivors of trauma, terror, domestic violence and human rights violations. Beside monitoring the human rights violations and seeking redness through public campaigns, lobbying and intervention in courts, PHRA organizes seminars, workshops and fact-finding missions throughout Somalia. 

PHRA uses the Somalia Federal draft constitution, Puntland provincial constitution, African chart for human rights, UN human rights as tools.The main office of the executive is in Garowe of Somalia but other branch offices are in Bossaso, Qardho and special Task Force in Mogadishu, the capital city of the country and report issues from their areas and attend important meetings and seminars on PHRA’s behalf.


Society has peace and respect human rights


To empower youth groups, women, girls, community members and other CSOs in Puntland

Core values

Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Credibility, Accountability, Impartiality.

Core values


We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participation Donors, Partners, Staff and Stakeholders.


We act consistently with PHRA’s mission being honesty in what we do and say and accept the responsibilities of our collective and individual actions.


We act consistently with PHRA’s mission being honesty in what we do and The target community sees PHRA as an effective and reliable organization in service delivery.


We work together effectively to save the lives of large communities.


PHRA believes the five principles of the accountability


Serving equally both male and female people in Puntland


To promote human rights cultural, social and political tolerance for all through awareness raising campaigns, mobilization activities on attitude changes.

To encourage democracy, respect for the rule of law, justice for all and the independence of the judiciary.

To monitor and report human rights abuses in Somalia through working closely with community members, labour unions, and CSOs.

To empower the women in IDPs, refugees, Minority groups, and girls through education, training and skills.