Society has peace and respect human rights


To empower youth groups, women, girls, community members and other CSOs in Puntland

Core values

Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Credibility, Accountability, Impartiality.

Puntland Human Rights Association

Puntland Human Rights Association (PHRA) is an independent, non-governmental, and nonprofit organization based in Somalia. The organization is founded in 2006 by group of Somali educators such as community activists, lawyers and other volunteers to support the worker’s rights, prevention of violence against women, and children. Promoting peace, democracy and human rights freedoms in Somalia.

Firstly, PHRA is devoted to stand against the all forms of discriminating social and cultural stereotypes which expose individuals to a number of risks in the course of their life.


Get Involved

You can do something from anywhere you are in the world, be our ambassador, help us unite the community. Join us to do some pretty amazing things  by sharing your skills in  volunteering at Puntland Human Rights Association We firmly believe in collaboration, our entire organization model is grounded in it. Therefore if you have a skill you believe would be impactful, we want to hear about it. We are currently pooling a set of skilled volunteers who want to help by offering their time and expertise to our cause, by effect saving us time, promoting peace, democracy and human rights freedoms in Somalia.

Activity News