About the one day advocacy workshop

On 27 May 2018, Puntland Human Rights Association conducted a one-day workshop on the role of Somali media on advocating social activities and protection. 25 participants were invited to the workshop, representing different types of media houses such as newspaper editors, TV and Radio producers and Internet blogs writers. The Facilitator of the workshop was Ahmed Abdullahi Ali Qood, he has a master of human rights and he is also one of the prominent members of the organization. The workshop started with reading some verses from the Holy Quran by one of the participants. After that each of the participants stood and introduced himself/herself to other participants and then the facilitator of the workshop briefed the trainee to the objectives of the workshop.
The venue of the workshop was a rural area of Qardho district, a very green place and had a conducive environment for good learning and studying.

Some of the workshop participants have mentioned that they have never seen such training with such places. The participants were energetic, they were actively participating in whole workshop sessions. This session was very active and it helped more journalists to remind them to fulfill their roles and to stay on task and support poor and vulnerable families in Somalia.Puntland Human Rights Association is very dedicated to training and educating youth, women, journalists and girls in Puntland.